Back To The Beginning: The Temple of Elemental Evil (579 CY)

28th of Readying, 579 CY

On the road to Homlett hommlet_2.jpg
High 41
Low 21 (more like 10 in the wind)
A cold and brisk day. Winter is ending.
You can be from anywhere and can be just about anyone. But, what you have in common is that you’re all heading to Homlett.
News of bandits and worse has attracted outsiders to the village once again. Travel with caution, There are bandits, goblins, and other things that lurk in the darkness. As you travel you come across folk that tell stories of a goblin uprising. Orcs and gnolls have been seen traveling these roads at night. I suppose traveling in a group might just be the safest thing to do. There’s power in numbers.



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